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From our hotel you can get to many public transport stops in 

just a few minutes' walk. With the public transport you can explore Hamburg by bus, train and ferry.  



Station:  "Neuer Pferdemarkt" -  Distance: 3 minutes - Line: 3, direction "Hauptbahnhof" -  Destination: city center (town hall, main station)

U-Bahn / S-Bahn

Station:  "U-Feldstrasse"  or  "S / U-Sternschanze"   - Distance: 7 minutes -  Line: U3, S11 / S21, direction "Hauptbahnhof" - 

Destination: harbour, city center

There is one special feature in Hamburg: The local public transport network also includes ferries, with which you can sail a little on the water. Line 62 starts at the "Landungsbrücken" station and goes west along the Elbe to "Finkenwerder" on the other side of the Elbe. If you want to take a long walk, drive to the last station, change there to line 64, continue west to "Teufelsbrück" and then walk back towards the city for about 1.5 hours along the Elbe. If you want to settle down on the Elbe beach beforehand, get off at the "Övelgönne" station before "Finkenwerder", let yourself fall into the sand and enjoy the harbor panorama.


Our tip
Use the HVV app or the
  Online timetable information  and let yourself

show the direct connection to your destination including the required ticket.  

A rule of thumb for buying a ticket is that a day pass is worthwhile for 3 journeys or more per day. You can get single tickets at every bus and train stop and from every bus driver. Day tickets are only available from machines, which are now available at almost every stop. The tickets do not have to be stamped. However, the bus driver always likes to get in the front and show the ticket. Tickets are also available in the app.

Hamburg Card
The complete package: Free travel on all inner-city bus and train lines, reduced admission, discounted port and city tours. You can enjoy all of this with the Hamburg Card. The card is available from us at reception for various periods and group sizes. You will find an overview of the prices and services
  here .


HVV route network

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